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Billit - Billing Application for Desktop

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Billit App

Billit is a desktop application for managing inventory and print bills. This application is build with Flutter (an open source framework by Google). This is suitable for small and medium businesses.

Technical Features

  • Build with latest version of Flutter 3.3.5 and Dart
  • Used Riverpod (state management) features
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Easy to customize and configure
  • Clean code with proper comments
  • Included the details documentation

Core Features

  • Application works completely offline
  • Add and manage the your inventory and check stock information in the inventory
  • Sort out customer info by name and contact number
  • Monthly and weekly sales analytics
  • Manage the shop details and tax information
  • Store the data in local database
  • Print the bill in A4 format
  • Check past bills and details


Dashboard Screen

Inventory Screen

Customers Screen

Analytics Screen

Settings Screen

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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Flutter 3.3.5
.yaml, .dart, .ttf, .png, .md, .dll, .lock, .env
Detailed Document
Compatible OS
Windows, Linux, macOS
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Billit - Billing Application for Desktop

0 ratings
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