Shoppr - An e-Commerce Application in Flutter

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Shoppr App

Shoppr is an e-commerce app build in Flutter (an open source framework by Google). This app contains many screens (listed below) for a production ready e-commerce applications.

App Features

  • Build with latest version of Flutter and Dart
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Easy to use UI and beautiful design
  • Internationalization support (with 5 languages, you can also add your own)
  • Dark and Light theme support
  • Login and Registration screens
  • Used Riverpod (state management) features
  • Free icons

App Demo Video:


Dark Theme:

Included Screens

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Login Screen
  3. Registration Screen
  4. Main Screen
    • Home tab
    • Catalogue tab
    • Profile tab
    • Cart tab
  5. Filter Page
  6. Custom Filter List Page
  7. Product Details Page
    • Reviews page
    • Add Review page
  8. Order History Page
    • Order Details Page
  9. Address List Page
    • Add New Address Page
  10. Personal Info Page
  11. Cart Page

What Is Not in the App

This app contains the UI screens for an e-commerce app. It does not contain a backend integration. You are free to choose your desired choice of backend and it will not be hard to map your backend data with the UI. If you want a fully production ready app, please contact us on

Frameworks & Libraries used

  • Flutter - >=2.15.1 <3.0.0
  • cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
  • flex_color_scheme: ^4.2.0
  • flutter_hooks: ^0.18.2
  • flutter_rating_bar: ^4.0.0
  • gap: ^2.0.0
  • getwidget: ^2.0.4
  • go_router: ^3.0.1
  • hooks_riverpod: ^1.0.3
  • image_picker: ^0.8.4+6
  • shared_preferences: ^2.0.13
  • timelines: ^0.1.0


For more information about the app, read the file inside the app folder.

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Shoppr - An e-Commerce Application in Flutter

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